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Beauty Schools of America Reviews

Very few schools match the years of dedication to the beauty industry that Beauty Schools of America (BSA) does. Beauty Schools of America reviews are consistently positive because of the depth of expertise of their professionals, their dynamic course offerings, and their ability to adapt to individual student needs. BSA is focused on making dreams come true for each of their beauty school students.

Beauty schools that focus on a single industry are common, but BSA has developed multiple quality programs in their 20 years of existence. In fact, BSA offers adaptable class schedules in a total of nine different programs. Understanding what schools for beauty offer is essential when starting on a path to become a beauty professional.

Class Times and Beauty Schools of America Reviews

Not everyone finishes their education, but attending an institution that offers varied class times to choose from makes graduation a much more likely possibility. Reviews of BSA often come from graduates who are thankful for the chance to take classes on their own time. Below is a list of some of the class and program time options offered by Beauty Schools of America.

  • Weekend Schedule

The weekend schedule allows full-time workers to pursue their dreams during their time off. Stay at home mothers, fathers, and those who have full time employment find weekend classes to be the easiest to fit into a schedule. BSA offers a weekend option that includes classes from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Fridays and 9 am to 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Weekend options are offered at both the North Miami Beach campus and the South Beach campus. With two locations and 24 hours per week offered on weekends, individuals who think they do not have the time to further their education find a program that meets their needs.

  • Day Schedule

The day schedule at the beauty school comes with two different options that are designed to match varied needs. The first day schedule is actually quite intense and leads individuals to more quickly complete their program of study. The 30 hour per week schedule lasts from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm Monday through Friday.

For those who have a night job, BSA also offers a daily course schedule that takes up just 25 hours per week. The 25 hour per week schedule requires students to attend classes from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm Monday through Friday. Classes can be started at any time in a program, allowing students to start at any time.

  • Evening Schedule

For all of us who have a day job, BSA has a program that fits the worker in all of us. Beauty Schools of America reviews show how they are able to meet even the most demanding schedule. With two evening program options, individuals can choose from a 28 hour per week option or a 24 hour per week option.

The first option is for those who are willing to give up nights and weekends to pursue their dreams. Classes last from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm from Monday through Thursday, and from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday. The less intense evening schedule lasts from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm Monday through Thursday with the same amount of time on Saturday.

Beauty Schools of America Reviews and Professionals

electrolisysBeauty Schools of America draws some of the best cosmetology and beauty industry talent from across Florida. From comprehensive makeup talent to barbering and beyond, BSA is known for its talented professionals. These professionals are dedicated to educating the next field of successful beauty professionals. Below are a few of the program directors for BSA.

Barber Program Director – David Uribe

David Uribe is a talented barber and educator who obtained his barbering education through Beauty Schools of America at age 17. With so many years in the business, David brings passion and talent to a barbering program that draws in many beginners and turns out experts in the field. David continuously attends and performs at hair shows where he displays his advanced talents to the world.

Comprehensive Makeup Program Director – Tiffany Alfonso

As an expert that has worked in TV, film, print, retail, and everything in between, Tiffany Alfonso has the skills to teach real makeup artistry. With a background in special effects makeup, Tiffany is able to show her students the techniques it takes and the eye for detail required to create amazing makeup art. Serious talent and eight years of experience gives Tiffany Alfonso the skills needed to foster skills and talents in all of her students.

Makeup Program Director – Jackie Velez

Jackie Velez was all but recruited into the makeup artist field. At age 18, Chanel Representatives snatched her up and trained her extensively. Jackie served as head makeup artist for House of Chanel for 16 years. The passions she has and the experience she brings to the table make Jackie an incredible addition to the team at Beauty Schools of America. Students who work with Jackie Velez gain skills for everything from fashion shows to editorials and beyond.

Cosmetology Program Director – Jessica Dobson

Jessica focuses on inspiring educators and students to reach for their creativity and become consummate professionals. Her direction helps cosmetology educators in every program create effective teaching and program strategies. With nearly 13 years of industry experience, Jessica constantly strives for excellence in creating a well-rounded and creative cosmetology program.

Massage Program Director – Carlos Santiago

Carlos is a talented, licensed massage therapist who has approximately 25 years of massage experience under his belt. As one of the founders of Oriental Spa, Carlos has the massage skills and business savvy it takes to educate future professionals. In 2003, Carlos Santiago was named “Best Therapist” by elite travel magazine. Now, Carlos brings all of his skills and experience to Beauty Schools of America’s massage program. Beauty Schools of America reviews note educators such as Carlos Santiago as being a premier draw to the school.

Nail Program Director – Myriam Ortiz

Myriam Ortiz has been teaching at BSA for over 12 years, all the while increasing her knowledge and skill set. As a Beauty Schools of America graduate herself, Myriam understands what it means to be starting a career from the ground up. With awards, recommendations, and contest wins, Myriam showcases the talent required to become a successful nail technician. Add in a full specialist and body wrapping license, and Myriam is a seriously talented and educated professional.

Skin Care Director – Cristina Molina

Experience as an esthetician, licenses as a full specialist and body wrapper, even medical assistant microdermabrasion specialist experience are all a part of Cristina Molina’s skill set. The amount of skin care training Cristina has gained is rivaled by few. The skills she has gleaned from her dynamic experience in the industry make her a great asset for the skin care program at Beauty Schools of America.

Beauty Schools of America Reviews and Programs

Beauty Schools of America has programs that represent almost every part of the beauty industry. In fact, the programs at BSA are designed to provide a choice to anyone seeking a career in the field of beauty. Cosmetology, barbering, massage therapy, even electrolysis can be learned through the school. Below are several of the programs that Beauty Schools of America offers to the public.

BSA Barber ProgrammThe Barber Program

The barber program at Beauty Schools of America is designed to education professional barbers that are able to succeed in the industry. Whether your desire is to become a platform barber, a celebrity barber, or a company barber, BSA teaches the skills needed to make it in any area of the barber industry. As a licensed and accredited educational institute, individuals who finish BSA’s program will take and finish the State of Florida Barber’s Board Examination in order to become licensed professionals.

The Massage Therapy Program

BSA’s massage therapy program educates and prepares individuals to pass the Florida Board of Massage Therapy Examination. Once the course and exam are completed and successfully passed, students become licensed massage therapists. Many Beauty Schools of America reviews mention how BSA goes above and beyond to offer classes like business practices and allied modalities. An education from Beauty Schools of America prepares individuals for a successful career as a massage therapist.

CosmetologyThe Cosmetology Program

The cosmetology program at BSA allows students to go from practice on mannequins all the way to providing services to the public. With a combination of education and real-world experience, graduates of the cosmetology program are some of the most sought after cosmetologists in the field. Resulting in a final examination for licensure, individuals who attend the cosmetology program are completely prepared to begin a rewarding career in the field of cosmetology.

The Nail Technician Program

With an overall placement rate of 97% (calculated by the accrediting agency formula), it is no wonder so many choose Beauty Schools of America’s nail technician program. The program offers expert instruction and real-world experience that equips individuals for a successful career as a nail technician. The education obtained at BSA is top notch and preferred by many businesses across the country.

Beauty Schools of America reviews often mention the range of programs available at the school. Comprehensive makeup programs, hair braiding, and body wrapping are just the tip of the iceberg as far as skills taught at BSA. For more information, contact Beauty Schools of America.

Beauty Schools of America in North MiamiBeauty Schools of America Reviews and Location

For residents of the Miami area, Beauty Schools of America is the best option when it comes to location. Instead of just one campus that is difficult to get to, BSA has a total of five easily accessible campuses. Each campus is a completely functional beauty school capable of training in a variety of fields. Although some class schedules are not available at all locations, most classes can be taken at any of the location.

For directions on all five locations, visit our locations page. Choosing a beauty school within a reasonable distance from the home can seriously increase the probability of graduation. Select a location that is convenient for you and your schedule.

Beauty Schools of America Reviews: Seminars and Events

Any respectful beauty school will continually offer events and chances to increase education and skill sets. BSA offers various events and seminars that are conducted by beauty professionals and experts. These individual seminars can be just as valuable as a class. Staying up to date on your specific industry requires constant and continued education.

Seminars on singular skills can help to provide a little more expertise and a completely different perspective than a program or course. These seminars are also sometimes coupled with events. Social events are a great way for future beauty professionals to network with each-other and with experts in their field. Social events are just as important as skill building seminars.

admissionsBeauty School Services

Services at beauty schools are important for several reasons, but the singular most important one is providing students with real world experience. Beauty Schools of America is dedicated to providing excellent services to the public by educating its students and providing professional guidance when services are performed. Schools that allow students to experience real-world techniques are incredibly effective at equipping students for successful careers in various beauty-related fields.

Service menus that give the public a price on services performed by students are able to draw in those with a lower budget. Since customers have the chance to save quite a bit of money on their beauty-related needs, students often have a steady influx of people to use their newly acquired skills on. Beauty school services are an essential part of developing the skill sets needed to be a professional beauty professional.

Beauty Schools of America reviews sometimes concentrate on the services provided by the students of BSA. Although services are not always perfect, individuals are able to save money and build new relationships. Schools that provide services are essential in the training of quality beauty professionals.

For more information on Beauty Schools of America, visit BSA.EDU.

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