Dedicated to Quality Instruction

Beauty Schools of America® (BSA) is dedicated to educating individuals for a successful career. BSA has been serving the Florida community for more than twenty years and has the experience needed to turn beauty professional hopefuls into hopeful beauty professionals. BSA has long been the premier institution for students reaching towards a professional career anywhere in the Beauty and Spa Industry. Fully-licensed and accredited, Beauty Schools of America® strives to help every student become a certified professional in their selected field.

Beauty Schools of America logoBeauty Schools of America® helps students succeed every step of the way. BSA provides future beauty professionals with everything needed to make the most of your talents, help you build new skills, define and refine your creative abilities, and build your success in the beauty industry:

  • Course curriculums that are comprehensive and dynamic for every field of study
  • Professional instructors who are experienced and talented
  • Smaller class sizes than other professional beauty schools
  • Updated and state-of-the-art technology
  • The Milady training system
  • Informative seminars on every area of the beauty industry (barbering, salon, nails, and more)
  • Social events and real-world connection
  • Visits by professionals in chosen fields
  • Guidance and assistance for future careers in the beauty industry

Once students receive their Beauty Schools of America® diploma and license from Florida’s Barber Board, the State of Florida’s Board of Cosmetology, and/or Florida Board of Massage Therapy, a new world of career options are open to you. Everything from convenient part-time employment to owning your own business or chain of salons, barbershops, and/or spas, a beauty career begun with a quality education offers limitless opportunities for both personal and professional growth.