June 27, 2013

International students who are interested BSA and Beauty Schools of America reviews often struggle to find the information they need. Understanding what the exact requirements are to attend such an educational institution is essential in selecting the right beauty college. Knowing age requirements, forms necessary, and techniques to help can really make a difference in starting an education off right.

Opportunity and Beauty Schools of America Reviews

BSA reviews SOUTH BEACHBeauty Schools of America does have some very specific requirements for those who are hoping to find their way into one of their quality programs. Luckily for international hopefuls, BSA is focused on providing an education to a diverse student group. BSA represents a total of 38 countries and is constantly looking for more ways to expand their influence.

BSA even offers information for those who want to obtain an education at one of their Miami-area locations. Much of this specific information designed to educate international students on Beauty Schools of America is listed below.

  • All documents must be translated into English by a professional, certified translator.
  • International students must possess the equivalent of U.S high school diploma before entering
  • Any international student must be at least 16 years old.
  • Original documents are to be submitted to the school. After review by the international department, original documents are returned.
  • All BSA forms must be completed in their entirety. Forms that are incomplete or missing will delay or hold the admissions process.
  • Forms are to be types. Handwritten forms will not be accepted.
  • International students are required to have a valid passport.
  • Any other documentation requested must be completed and returned.

All of the above information can be found on the International Student Admissions page on Beauty Schools of America’s website. The exact package itself can be downloaded from the website. The International Student Admissions Package contains some of the documents and required forms that are mentioned above.

BSA Specific Needs

Not all beauty schools consider the specific and unique needs of their individual students. Beauty Schools of America, however, understands that housing, special needs, and transportation are essential elements in obtaining a beauty school education. Information on transportation is offered through the BSA.EDU website as a way to make attending the school a bit easier.

Beauty Schools of America reviews often reference the incredible level of assistance received in trying to find the right housing. BSA even has their own appointed Independent Student Housing Coordinator who is designated to help individuals find housing near the chosen BSA campus. Such services are rarely provided when it comes to other beauty school options.

Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances can arise in the course of obtaining an education. Beauty Schools of America understands this. The Campus Director of Education can help assist students who are in need of specific aid. With the amount of programs and resources available to both domestic and international students, many beauty professional hopefuls choose Beauty Schools of America.